Village Island

Easy, affordable and sustainable turnkey solution for rural community communications


Communication in Africa is a challenge and even more so in rural areas. The regions are vast, the distances are wide, electricity is sporadic, the ARPU is low and most of the communication solutions do not offer a reasonable business model. So, projects are not economical or sustainable and are often abandoned or not even undertaken.



Our primary focus is on SUSTAINABILITY: Village Island is a practical, economic unit that generates profit throughout the business chain from the end user to the village NANO-ISP to the domestic operator. Gilat Satcom delivers the technology with a business model that works.


Second is SCALABILITY: Village Island starts as a simple, low-cost solution with good performance. And it grows smoothly, per site, according to business demands. The solution remains affordable as it scales with demand.


Third is EASE OF OPERATION: Village Island is easy to deploy and maintain, even at the most remote locations. Each deployment is a separate business unit and we train the local NANO-ISP in a matter of hours.


In its initial stage, the Village Island provides an excellent voice and video experience across a single satellite private network and all of the communication within the network is FREE! (Practically unlimited number of villages, police stations, churches, healthcare premises, schools and more). All communication to VoIP users like Skype, Viber and more, everywhere in the world is imbedded into the service and also provided for FREE!! Internet browsing is also FREE!!! All costs are already included in the low monthly service fee. Calls to landline phones and cellular users in the country and anywhere in the world can be made for additional cost and with no need for equipment replacement or additional implementation in the remote location.



  • Highly efficient Ku/C-bands over Africa
  • High link availability of 99.9%, able to provide service without interruption
  • Sustainable, community-shared broadband Internet access without the need for wired networks
  • Flexible and rapid infrastructure rollout
  • Flexible and rapid infrastructure rollout
  • Cost-effective solution for any remote community lacking access to telecom infrastructure
  • Instant Internet coverage for data and voice applications (Skype, Viber, ooVoo, etc.)
  • Communication with landline phones and cellular users

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