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Whether you are a corporation with remote branches or an NGO deployed in a disaster stricken area, communication is the key to running an effective and efficient operation. You need a reliable communication platform that support critical transactions, secures your information and connect every location – no matter how remote. Many organizations today require advanced quality of service (QoS) backed up by service level agreements (SLA) to ensure data delivery. The most common approach to support guaranteed QoS is Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, which provides control, simplicity and manageability of data transfer.
At the other end of the scale, NGOs are often faced with no communication infrastructure at their base location. They need international voice services, which enable personnel to call colleagues in other locations or loved ones back home.


The need

NGOs and corporations need to connect all their locations and deliver a wide variety of applications including voice, data, and critical-time sensitive applications.


The challenge

In some parts of the world, there is no reliable terrestrial communication infrastructure or no such infrastructure at all.


The solution

Gilat Satcom Private Networks, Premium VoIP and MPLS service create a comprehensive, high quality communication platform.

Gilat Satcom Private Network services provide cost-effective solutions for enterprises, NGOs and government institutions through an extensive satellite and fiber-based communication platforms offering C-band and KU-band coverage. For advanced QoS needs, our MPLS offering can extend a global MPLS network to any location in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We offer turn-key projects including design, planning, implementation, operation and on-going support.


Our VoIP services enable global organizations to route calls from their location to any destination around the world. With a global partner network, we can traffic large amounts of voice and data at assured quality and very attractive rates.


Join NGOnly Africa - The NGO's backbone

Gilat Satcom supports NGOs, providing high-quality services and superior value for fixed by mobile communication solutions and empowering NGOS to do more for the people of Africa.


NGOs specialize in doing good in their own fields of expertise and they all need effective communications to succeed. As a committed vendor in Africa, this is our opportunity to support you with internet connectivity and personal satellite communication all over Africa, even in the most remote locations. All you need to do is join NGOnly.


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