Company overview

Providing Global Communication Services since 1992

Gilat Satcom is a communication solutions provider that offers satellite and fiber-based connectivity solutions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. With successful deployments in 50 countries, we consistently deliver high-quality, cost-effective and efficient communication solutions to telcos, ISPs, governments, enterprise customers and international organizations.

Our services on land, at sea and in flight transcend the barriers of communication infrastructures reaching the most remote locations on the planet. Our superior service is maintained by a highly professional and dedicated staff, outstanding engineering skills and excellent organization.

The company operates three international teleports in Europe and the Middle East, fourteen hubs/PoPs in Africa and two PoPs in Europe. In addition, we are shareholders in WIOCC, owners of the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSY), and in the West Africa Cable System (WACS), with undersea fiber optic cable systems connecting eastern and western Africa to the rest of the world. We provide space segments over numerous satellites including Intelsat, Telesat, Hellas Sat, ABS, SES-NewSkies and others.

As a subsidiary of Eurocom Group Gilat Satcom has a strong financial stability. Perceptive financial analysis, combined with strategic partnerships ensures that the group’s holdings have the strong backing necessary to encourage growth.


Gilat Satcom at a glance

  • Headquarters in Israel, branch offices in Nigeria (Lagos) and Russia (Moscow)

  • 3 international satellite teleports, 14 hubs/PoPs in Africa, 2 PoPs in Europe, 2 fibers

  • Management of 2.4Gb of satellite capacity and 8 STM1s over fiber (EASSy & WACS)

  • Use of 15 satellites

  • Operations in 50 countries

  • More than 1500 sites globally

  • 24x7 bilingual Technical Assistance Center


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