Mobile Operators

The adoption of cellular phone services in emerging economies is phenomenal. This trend can be attributed to the lack of a widely available alternative personal communication solution. In addition, cellular prepaid services, which provide increased spending control and eliminate the need for long term commitments, are well suited to the challenging economic conditions that exist in these countries.
As a cellular operator, seeking to expand your operation, remote locations can be compelling growth opportunities. However, success in your highly competitive market requires cost-effective solutions that you can deploy fast and scale as you grow.


The need

Cellular operators have to connect remote service areas to their core networks. They need fast, cost-effective, scalable backhaul solutions.


The challenge

Remote areas are often isolated and lack a terrestrial communication infrastructure.


The solution

Gilat Satcom satellite and fiber-based cellular backhaul solutions bridge communication gaps with reliable, broadband connections directly from any location.


Gilat Satcom provides CAPEX free cellular backhaul solutions via satellite, which eliminate the need for an initial investment and facilitating network growth. The end-to-end solutions include equipment, integration and the required space segment for ongoing service.


The Gilat Satcom Hybrid Solution combines the cellular and satellite technologies giving operators the opportunity to offer the best of both - affordable broadband service everywhere and for everyone.


Gilat Satcom solution is easily scalable, enabling you to expand as your subscriber base grows. Furthermore, the vendor agnostic platform integrates seamlessly with your core network and ensures smooth transitions to new cellular technologies.

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