Backbone services

Gilat Satcom satellite based internet backbone access enables you to bypass inadequate terrestrial alternatives. With our backbone service, you will gain a cost-effective, scalable, feature-rich Internet connection in the farthest corner of the globe.

From dedicated bandwidth allocation to low-contention solutions, the Gilat Satcom Backbone Access service is flexibly designed to meet your unique requirements. With an extensive network spanning over 10 satellites and 2 teleports across three continents, we offer a reliable, high-capacity platform worldwide.



  • Premium C-band and KU band coverage
  • High capacity links
  • Dedicated bandwidth allocation service
  • Cost-effective high-contention offering
  • International satellite platform
  • Cost-effective, easy to scale & deploy
  • 24x7 NOC services and support

      Backup Services

      Gilat Satcom provides C-band satellite based Backup Services to Telcos and service providers, complementing their existing infrastructure. The satellite connection ensures service continuity in cases of system failure and increases your system capacity on a regular basis.

      At Gilat Satcom, we understand that your connection to the internet backbone is at the core of your business. Our backup service is tailored to your needs creating a redundant solution working in conjunction with your terrestrial links.



      • Premium C-band backup
      • Cost-effective, redundancy solution
      • Service continuity when terrestrial links fail
      • Increased system capacity
      • 24x7 NOC services and support

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