Technology has transformed the small office / home office (SOHO) with email, the Internet, e-commerce, videoconferencing, remote desktop software, webinar systems, and VOIP telephone connections. Today, even a one-man shop can transcend national borders to engage globally. Buying from, selling to, or providing a service from any location, SOHOs depend on cost-effective, high-speed, reliable communications as the key to running an effective operation.

No matter how remote or how small your business is, modern communications allow you to think and act big.


The need

On a daily basis, small and home businesses need to establish and maintain reliable and continuous contact with customers, suppliers, employers and employees all over the world. They need to exploit the power of the Internet to compete in the global marketplace. However, small businesses are particularly sensitive to connectivity costs and reliability issues.


The challenge

To provide reliable and affordable Internet connectivity to small businesses and people working at home anywhere in Africa, from city centers to the most remote areas. Even where there is no reliable terrestrial communication infrastructure, there is still a growing need for dependable, cost-effective Internet service to link SOHOs up with the global marketplace.


The solution

Gilat Satcom covers Africa, from high-density urban centers to the most remote areas, with fiber and VSAT communication services to offer reliable, cost-effective communication solutions to SOHOs. We provide affordable connectivity through extensive satellite and fiber-based communication platforms. We deliver communications across the continent offering ubiquitous KU-band satellite and fiber networks connected to the high-capacity undersea cables surrounding Africa and, from there, to the rest of the world.


Gilat Satcom believes that everyone should have access to the Internet, so we offer SOHO users a wide range of affordable connectivity solutions to suit any need and any budget. Whether you choose our Aguila 3rd Generation shared service, a KU-band silver or gold package, or any of our other packages, your business takes advantage of fast and reliable Internet connectivity at affordable prices. We recently developed our Hybrid Solution designed specifically for SOHO users combining the advantages of cellular and satellite technologies to offer the most attractive broadband service everywhere and for everyone.


All of Gilat Satcom’s SOHO connectivity services are available through our local distributors.


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All SOHO services are available through our local distributors.

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