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    August 3 2015 -- After taking part in the extensive Iridium initial launch programme, Gilat Satcom is one of the first companies to offer Iridium’s new Push-To-Talk (PTT) solution.


    Designed for use anywhere around the world, even where access to fixed or mobile telecoms infrastructure is limited or non-existent, Iridium PTT uses the Iridium satellite network for worldwide connectivity and provides secure, one-to-many voice and data connectivity.


    The Iridium PTT radio— the Iridium Extreme® PTT—is ready to use out of the box and simple to operate. One handset at a time can talk while others listen on a single, secure downlink broadcast channel. When one person stops talking, another can broadcast using the same shared channel. The units cannot be detected when they are in receive mode.


    Homeland Security (HLS), special units, defense troops and first responders are expected to be amongst the first customers for Iridium PTT.


    Gilat Satcom is a long-term partner of Iridium and uses its devices to provide voice and data connectivity to its customers worldwide including governments, military and HLS, the mining industry, aircraft hangars, closed facilities and remote locations. Gilat Satcom can provide Iridium satellite connectivity to projects without a line of sight to the sky.


    Dan Zajicek, CEO of Gilat Satcom, said “Our company is expanding rapidly and continues to be at the forefront of technology. Our customers around the world are very interested in Iridium PTT particularly in Africa where it will improve communications for HLS, government entities and NGOs.”


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