Lock & roll

Lock & roll tracks the status of dry and reefer containers from the moment they are sealed until they are opened at their final destination. Combining satellite and GSM connectivity, Lock & roll is always on the lookout, always monitoring, even in remote areas or far away at sea.

Real-time tracking information is presented according to user preferences and is sent as email and/or text message, keeping you up to speed with your containers conveniently at every moment.


The monitoring solution for ensuring safe delivery of containers from origin to destination

Especially designed for refrigerated cargo, Lock & roll integrates multiple sensors, including highly sensitive temperature, humidity and light, that monitor and immediately report status at any desired time interval. Unexpected or significant event occurrences that deviate from pre-defined settings trigger information alerts that are sent in real time to all interested parties.


Key Features

  • Standalone tracking unit operated by rechargeable batteries
  • Fast and easy installation by attaching the unit to the container door frame with a magnet
  • Flexibility - fully configurable to meet customer requirements
  • Reliability - when the unit is out of GSM coverage, information is automatically transmitted via satellite
  • Audit trail tracks the entire journey on a map and includes a detailed report of all recordings
  • Geo-fencing function raises notifications when a container has entered or departed a location
  • Security - protocol encryption to protect data transmissions
  • Web-based tracking available from anywhere



    • Competitive edge in customer service; with real time information at your fingertips at all times, Lock & roll increases operational efficiency and keeps your customers satisfied
    • Reliable, built-in sensors operate constantly, collecting data regarding important aspects of your cargo’s position and condition, allowing you to stay well informed about your containers' status
    • Real-time alerts of all significant and unusual situations allowing you to react swiftly and confidently during any part of the container's journey
    • User-friendly with complete solution and fast-and-easy installation. In only a few simple steps via the online interface, you define the alerts, reports and destinations you need, and you can change them anytime
    • Long-term usability with capability to upgrade the unit over the air with new features and settings


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