Fiber Connectivity

Fiber optic cable is the highest capacity and fastest communications medium in the world. Operating at the speed of light, fiber conveys trillions of telephone calls and computer links across the globe in an instant.


Government operations, enterprises, individuals and Internet users all benefit from fiber. Telephone companies provide high-capacity backhaul for mobile and land-line subscribers over fiber links. Government offices can provide quick and uniform services with fiber’s high speed. Healthcare facilities are able to connect doctors, patients, hospitals and clinics to provide the most advanced health services. Education facilities can connect students to the world’s growing bank of distance-learning applications to boost education at every level. Individuals from home can enjoy high-speed Internet access for video-downloads.

Everybody benefits from fiber connectivity.

Gilat Satcom operates an extensive fiber network all around the continent of Africa. With fiber bandwidth on most of Africa’s undersea cables and fiber routes within many countries, customers can enjoy a plethora of high-speed connectivity services.
Customers in remote locations that are not on the fiber route can still benefit from fiber connectivity. Gilat Satcom brings satellite communications to virtually every location. Our satellite transponders operating in space reach down to connect everybody everywhere. Our satellite communication signals also beam down to fiber points-of-presence to connect satellite users to the extensive, high-speed fiber network.



  • High quality and cost effective 
  • Secure Global Coverage
  • Dedicated bandwidth allocation service
  • Redundant connectivity 
  • 24x7 NOC services and support

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