Cellular Backup

Do away with expensive network backup solutions that can protect only parts of your operation. Gilat Satcom is bringing in the future with our revolutionary satellite backup assurance for leading cellular operators. Get SATBACK assurance and RELAX with affordable, managed backup services on standby at all times.


Stay up even when your link is down

We all know that fiber cuts are a common and expensive problem interrupting network service. RF backup solutions are expensive requiring CAPEX and OPEX even when not in use. The alternative to service failure causing customer dissatisfaction and huge profit losses has been expensive backup solutions. Now, you can connect to Gilat Satcom’s SATBACK & RELAX for affordable assurance against service interruption.


Pay a little, get a lot

ilat Satcom eliminates investment in equipment, premises and bandwidth to backup your cellular network. With SATBACK & RELAX , you pay only minimal fees for the lease of Comtech top-of-the line equipment and guaranteed Intelsat bandwidth. Then, you pay only for actual use in times of service interruption, keeping your costs to the minimum and uptime to the maximum.



  • Small fee for service assurance and equipment lease
  • Pay only per use

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